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Monday, September 26, 2022 : languages in the spotlight at EELM !

Created in 2001, the European Day of Languages takes place every year on the same date: September 26. More than 40 countries celebrate the linguistic heritage of Europe. For EELM, it is an opportunity to raise awarness of the richness of linguistic diversity – featuring in its DNA – and to involve them in many cross-curricular projects. The objective is to participate in the creation of a common European citizenship by promoting cooperation and multilingualism.

Language tree (S1), papyrus and hieroglyphic bookmarks (S2), introduction to the Greek alphabet and polyglot rap (S3), work on anatomical diagrams and sports (S4), workshops on flags and languages (kindergarten and primary classes)… Once again, this day was rich in sharing and discovering others by allowing each learner to bring the richness of his or her mother tongue and culture.

On this occasion, our young learners even had the opportunity to present their creations and language skills to the Rectrice d’Académie Valérie Cabuil, accompanied by the Directeur Académique du Nord, Jean-Yves Bessol, the Directeur Académique Adjoint, Fabrice de Barros and the Mayor of Marcq-en-Barœul, Bernard Gérard. Fruitful exchanges came to reinforce the ambition of the EELM in the teaching of multilingualism and European values from an early age.

A big “Danke” à tous… and see you el pròximo año !

A few pictures of The European Day of Languages !