Une école pour former de futurs citoyens européens

Development plan

A gradual opening

The opening calendar of the different classes is progressive.

In September 2019, registration opened for:

  • A two-level nursery class (M1-M2).
  • A 1st year class of primary education, for pupils about six years old (P1).
  • A 1st year of secondary education, for students of about 11 years of age, opening access to the secondary cycle of seven years (S1).

The opening of the upper classes per level in each cycle will take place year after year, following the progression of children in the educational curriculum.

  • 2020: P2 and S2
  • 2021: P3 and S3
  • 2022: P4 and S4
  • 2023: P5 and S5
  • 2024: S6
  • 2025: S7

Extensions and move

The temporary school is built with school-grade prefabricated modules with thermal and sound insulation. All classes are equipped with computers, Internet access and interactive projectors. The school has a dining room, a rest area for nursery children, a physical activity room, a computer room and a library.

The temporary site will be extended for three years to accommodate the growing population of the school. At the beginning of the school year 2023, the school will move to the final site on rue Charcot:

The architectural project of the building is described on the following website: