Une école pour former de futurs citoyens européens

Frequently asked questions

When can I register my child?
The admission process runs from February to May. Registrations for selected students take place in June.

My child will be three years old at the beginning of school, will I be able to apply this year?
European schools provide schooling for children from the age of four. Only children who reach this age before the end of the calendar year will be able to apply for entry into M1.

How much does schooling cost at the European School Lille Métropole ?
The EELM is a French public school. Schooling is free. Only extracurricular services are billed to families.

I do not live in Marcq-en-Barœul, can my child attend the European School Lille Métropole?
The mission of the EELM is to offer a European education to all the children of the Lille metropolitan area, whatever their city of residence.

My child does not have a European nationality, can he/she apply to the European School Lille Métropole?
The EELM educates all children, regardless of nationality.

I work at the Commission in Brussels, can my child be educated at the European School Lille Métropole?
Children of staff of EU institutions and agencies have priority access to the EELM.

I live abroad, will I be able to enroll my child at the European School Lille Métropole when I return?
Children from families coming to France or returning from abroad who where taught in an English speaking school have priority access to the EELM.

What is the expected level in the dominant language (section language)?
The expected level in L1 is a native level.

What languages ​​do children learn at the European School Lille Métropole?
The EELM educates students in French or English. Students study Language 2 from P1 (6 years old). Language 2 can be German, English or French.

What level of Language 2 is required at the entrance to Secondary 1 (6th equivalent)?
The expected level in L2 at entry into S1 is the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The student must be able to hold a conversation and read a short novel.

My child is already bilingual, can he/she have classes in both languages?
In European schools, children are taught in their dominant language. A Language 2 is studied daily from the first year of primary school (6 years). However, the EELM does not offer a bilingual education and the L1 and L2 curricula are different.

My child already speaks two languages, can he/she learn a third language?
The third language is compulsory from the first year of secondary cycle (11 years old). The Languages ​​3 that are offered at EELM are French, English, German and Spanish.

I would like to enroll two children at the same time, is it possible?
In theory, nothing prevents two children from the same family from attending the EELM. However, not all classes are open yet. See the development plan. Moreover, some grade levels are already full.

My child enters high school, can he/she apply to the European School Lille Métropole?
No. The EELM currently only accommodates nursery, primary and secondary 1 to secondary 4 students. See the development plan.

If I register my child in a section, will he/she be able to change sections later?
Children enrolled in European schools are enrolled in the section corresponding to their dominant language. It is not possible to change sections.

If my child is accepted at the European School Lille Métropole, will he/she take the Diplôme National du Brevet ?
No. The EELM does not prepare for French exams. Students take the European Baccalaureate at the end of their schooling (S7).

Is the European Baccalaureate recognized in France?
The European Baccalaureate is recognized as a high school diploma by all the Member States of the European Union.