Une école pour former de futurs citoyens européens

Nursery and primary curricula

The Early Education Curriculum

In the nursery cycle, the European School Lille Métropole follows the European Schools’ Early Education

The four learning domains that are essential for the development of the child must each find their place in the organization of daily time (physical, psychological, social and cognitive development) taking into account the emotional dimension.

  1. Me and my body
  2. Me as a person
  3. Me and the others
  4. Me and the world

Each of these themes is implemented using three approaches centered around the child: learning to be oneself, learning to live with others, to acquire knowledge and know-how.

The primary curriculum

The teaching is organized according to the official schedules and curricula.

For the primary cycle, the focus is on the mother tongue (L1), mathematics and the first foreign language (L2), without neglecting arts education, music, sports, discovery of the world and ethics.

Particular attention will be paid to “European Hours” in the 3rd, 4th and 5th years, which should allow, during various cultural and artistic activities, to bring together multilingual groups of students from different language sections.

Subject 1st and 2nd year
3rd, 4th and 5th year
Section language
8h 6h45
Maths 4h 5h15
Language II or SWALS 2h30 3h45 including European hours
Physical education
5h 3h
Discovery of the World
1h30 3h
Ethics 1h 1h30
Recess 3h30 2h30
Total 25h30 25h45

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