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School lunch

School lunch services of the European School Lille Métropole

Catering services are offered to any child enrolled in the school. This service is set up during lunch break to allow children to eat between two teaching periods.
For students in the nursery and elementary cycles (M1 / M2 / P1)

The nursery and primary services are provided by the municipality of Marcq-en-Baroeul within the school premises. Reservation of services is mandatory. It is done daily upon arrival at the school. Only meals booked daily are billed to families (no package or subscription). Invoices are sent monthly (by mail).Lunch consists of:

A starter
A protein dish
A side dish
A cheese or a dairy
A dessert
Bread and ingredients

The catering service is charged according to a specific schedule. Families who live in Marcq-en-Baroeul benefit from a specific rate.

See the fees for school lunches

For secondary school students (S1)
Secondary school catering services will be provided by Lycée Kernanec. Students receive a lunch card that is credited by their family on the dedicated website. Meals are counted at each passage. Only meals actually taken are charged to families (no package or subscription).
The Lycée Kernanec charges each meal € 3.30. The students eligible for financial aid will benefit from a preferential rate.
Here is the link to the website used to credit the students’ accounts: https://espacenumerique.turbo-self.com/Connexion.aspx?id=383