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School lunch prices

School lunch principles.

Extract from the DP regulations:

1- Participation in the school lunch program

 Article 1: The enrolment in the school lunch program is mandatory in order to access the cafeteria.

Article 2: Besides exceptional circumstances that will be assessed by the Direction, families enrol their child for four weekly lunches.

 2- Payment

 Article 3: School lunch prices are decided by the Governing Board of the Lycée Kernanec.

Article 4: Families must pay in advance. They refill the child’s account either at the financial office of the Lycée Kernanec (cash or check) or on a secure website.

Article 5: Only lunches that are effectively taken by a child are due.

Below is the link for the application scale for half-board assistance:

bareme d’aide à la DP 21-22

For any questions, or in the event of financial difficulties, the Stewardship Department is at your disposal.