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Secondary curriculum

From the first year of secondary school, all pupils will begin the study of a second foreign language (LIII). A third foreign language (L IV) will be offered among the options from the 4th year.

In the second year, Latin will be offered as an option. In the third year, the pupils who will have chosen Latin in the second year will continue its study.

In the third year, all students will study humanities and non-denominational ethics in their first foreign language (LII). For students who have not opted for Latin, the computer science option (ICT) will be offered.

In the fourth and fifth years of secondary school, the compulsory integrated science course will be subdivided into three subjects: physics, chemistry and biology, and students will have the choice between a normal mathematics course or an advanced course. Other options will include economics, a third foreign language (LIV) and Latin.


 1st year

Number of periods

 2nd year

Number of period

Language I 6 5
Mathematics 4 4
Language II 5 4
Language III 2 3
Physical education 3 3
Ethics 2 2
Humanities 3 3
Integrated science 4 4
Arts education 2 2
Music education 2 2
ICT (computer science) 1 1
Latin (optional) 2
Total 34 periods of 45 35 periods of 45’
Equivalence in periods of 55 ′ 27 to 28 28 to 29

Music education, arts education and physical education classes will bring together students from different language sections.

Training relating to health education and training relating to education for sustainable development will be provided throughout secondary schooling, in a transversal and transdisciplinary approach.